Green Office Products

Green Office Products

As part of our (Re)Purpose:full initiative we replaced office and breakroom supplies with more eco-friendly alternatives! Coworkers are now able to order office products from a selection of fun, green, office supplies.

Today, many greener options have comparable or better quality than less green alternatives.

Going greener benefits us in many ways. Making greener choices helps reduce the environmental footprint of our everyday supplies.

To quote our vendor, Office Depot, "People care about organizations that care, and buying greener products for the office is a very simple and visible way to show that you do".


Paper is made from one of the most valuable resources on this planet – trees. For every sheet of paper used, trees must be cut. Paper products generally have a short life cycle and are thrown away after being used. Trees, on the other hand, take many years to grow. Purchasing Green Office Products not only means you are using products that are re-using materials, but are supporting manufacturers who use less water and fewer environmental resources to create their products.

  • Reduce the use of virgin fibers, thereby reducing pressure on forests,
  • Use less energy than needed to produce virgin pulp (50% less); and
  • Divide by 3 the water needs in manufacturing processes.
  • Producing recycled paper actually generates between 20% and 50% less CO2 emissions than paper produced from virgin fibers over the entire lifecycle.
  • Because waste paper is usually collected fairly near to recycling plants, manufacturing recycled paper reduces CO2 emissions linked to transport.