Electronic Processes

Electronic Processes

The automation of our everyday processes through the use of technology not only makes life better for coworkers, Ambassadors and our clients but it also supports (re)Purpose:full! When we encourage the people we serve to use our various electronic processes, we reduce the impact our business has on the environment. Simply put, with each interview, new hire, timesheet, report, direct deposit and invoice, we are collectively making decisive, positive environmental changes.

VideoSelect & Skype

Through the use of VideoSelect and Skype, we greatly reduce the number of in-person interviews our job seekers and Ambassadors travel to each week. This directly impacts the number of cars on the road and thus reduces CO2 emissions pumped into the air.

Based on our estimate of 4,500 recordings sent per year, we reduce CO2 emissions by 137,340 pounds annually through the use VideoSelect. To put this all into perspective, it would take 2,861 trees to absorb that much emissions annually!

Want some more good news? Our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions are just going to multiply with the introduction of Skype. We are excited to monitor how Skype boosts daily productivity and supports our (re)Purpose:full initiative.

Important Note: In-person interviews are a cornerstone of our company’s unique service approach; it truly sets us apart from our competition. While our initiative is not to replace the in-person interview, we understand that Skype is a convenient way for our coworkers, job seekers, Ambassadors and customers to get to know one another … and when we DO need to use Skype, we can feel good knowing we’re also making a positive impact on the environment.

Interested in learning more about the environmental impact of your commute? Check out this commuter calculator.

Expedite ®

We estimate that we save nearly 200,000 pieces of paper annually through the use of our electronic timekeeping systems. In terms of environmental savings, this equates to:

  • 23 trees;
  • 19,737 gallons of waste water;
  • 10,883 kWh of energy (the same amount of energy used by an average household in 10 months); and
  • 5,529 pounds of greenhouse gases (the equivalent of 6 months of car exhaust).

That's not all folks! While it’s a tad more difficult to monitor the impact of Expedite | Order and Expedite | Reports, these tools also contribute to our efforts to go paperless—saving us thousands more pieces of paper each year.

Electronic On-Boarding

With electronic On-boarding, we save more than 2,975,000 sheets or 15 tons of paper per year! In terms of environmental savings, this equates to:

  • 357 trees;
  • 282,310 gallons of waste water;
  • 164,783 kWh of energy (the same amount of energy used by an average household in 12 years); and
  • 84,210 pounds of greenhouse gasses (the equivalent of more than 3 years of car exhaust).

And this is just the start! Electronic On-boarding is also going to reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the number of car trips our Ambassadors make to our branches to complete paperwork.

Direct Pay, Direct Deposit & Electronic Invoicing


Roth Staffing is proud that all our Ambassadors receive Direct Pay. This greatly improves our ability to make life better for the people we serve:

  • Coworkers now spend less time managing payroll;
  • Ambassadors experience little to no delays on pay day; and
  • Clients love partnering with a company that cares about their Ambassadors because it means they are more focused on their work.

There is of course another beneficiary—the earth!

In 2015 alone, we reduced the amount of paper checks and envelopes we use by roughly 572,200 pieces.


Coworkers have long enjoyed direct deposit for their regular pay. Now, we also have the option to go paperless for expense checks! Annually, we anticipate saving more than 5,880 pieces of paper and envelopes by supporting this paperless process.


Through our electronic invoicing systems, we provide clients the option of automatically receiving invoices by email/online (rather than a paper invoice via snail mail). Over the years, the use of electronic invoices at Roth has steadily increased and we want continue to see those numbers climb!

If each electronic invoice included one sheet of paper (which many include dozens of sheets) and an envelope, we conservatively calculate a savings of 152,040 pieces of paper annually.

Collectively through Direct Pay, Direct Deposit and Electronic Invoicing, we conservatively estimate a savings of 3.6 tons of paper and envelopes. In terms of environmental savings, this equates to: ???